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Keep Customers Happy – How To Meet Revenue Numbers By Not Losing Business

Keep Customers Happy – How To Meet Revenue Numbers By Not Losing Business

The reality was staring me right in the face, as I peered at our Year on Year sales numbers.
I was seeing more GROWTH from EXISTING customers … than I was from closing NEW customers.
Not surprising for a mature product line
But hold your horses !
What about that brand spanking new product line that you just launched?
What about Start-up businesses getting off the ground?
Should they first focus on retention or upon closing new customers?
You see, there’s a shift in your sales and marketing approach that you need to make.
Indeed, a Bain & Co. and Harvard Business Review study estimates a 5% increase in retention results in 25% – 100% increase in profits
The answer is that you need to ingrain a customer retention program in your day to day operations and do it as quickly as possible, at the SAME time that you are growing your new customer base.

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Expand Your Ecosystem – Grow Your Business

Expand Your Ecosystem – Grow Your Business

I was bringing a new version of my set top box chip-set to market … and we had major competition.
To a customer, choice is a brilliant thing …
But to a business manager like myself, I now could look forward to a longer sales cycle, more customer retention efforts …. and… worse still, pricing pressure.
You see, in the hardware business, we would soak up millions in upfront product development and test costs..
…. So margins mattered.
What would stop CUSTOMERS from seeing us as a commodity?
The answer lay in stacking the value that I delivered.
… That made customers more competitive – A win for them.
… That increased organic account growth and my products’ stickiness – A business win for me.

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Niche Down, Profits Up

Niche Down, Profits Up

It was March and I was presenting at our Company’s User Group Conference.
Should I have spoken about a general topic that interested all attendees?
Absolutely not!
Because then NOBODY in the audience would have been engaged.
I’ll show you the 6-Step “NICHE DOWN” plan that I used to grow an 8-Figure business that competed with “FREE” products …
You become highly differentiated in your niche.
You attract qualified people in your niche.
You don’t have to worry about price pressure.
You use your niche as a springboard to scale into an adjacent niche, a great strategy for a startup company.

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How You Are Using Your Website Is Completely Wrong

How You Are Using Your Website Is Completely Wrong

You are at a trade show event.
Sales person #1 is just handing out brochures to passers by.
Expert Sales person #2 chats with each prospect to find out what they need the most … and then escorts them to a team member who can help them.
Who do you think will make more money?
Sales person #2 right?
Yet, if you are like 95% of companies, your website is like Sales Person #1
The good news – You can turn your website into your best sales person 24/7 by adding a simple online funnel to it

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How To Get Business On LinkedIn

How To Get Business On LinkedIn

You are at a networking mixer event. The room is full of strangers who are potential new clients…. You know no-one. What should you do next?
Answer: Strike up a conversation with each person about their favorite topic… Themselves. And then help them

When you connect on LinkedIn, it’s no different. Solve a problem for someone new – And you will develop a deep, long-lasting relationship.

Do these 4 things systematically on LinkedIn and you will reap new business without being salesy…… And the good news? Most of it can be automated …

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