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WHO  Is It For ?

Sales Professionals That Want To Exceed Their Numbers

The “Sell Without Selling” approach flips the sales process on its head, by delivering value in advance.

Niche down with a short online training sequence that drives new business directly into your sales funnel.  The training doubles up as a way to identify new opportunities within an existing customer account, by offering solutions, messaging about your ecosystem, and measuring who views your content. 

So why does it work?  It takes advantage of 3 psychological influence triggers.  Reciprocity (people buy from those that gave to them in the past) , Liking  (help and goodwill gain trust) and Authority (the training brings customers closer to fixing their problem, making you the go-to person to buy from)

The result? Your customer is excited to work with you, before you even pick up the phone.

Marketing Professionals That Want To Grow Profitability And Brand Awareness

Launch products and services by delivering an educational series of content online.  A focused series illustrates your message and problem solves for the customer.

Use this content to generate excitement, start conversations with your customers and drive them into your sales funnel, while not appearing salesy.

A multi-phased series automatically touches customers with content that their actions have already shown us that they are interested in, increasing brand awareness.  You can niche down to show them the exact solution and ecosystem that you have built to solve their problem with the lowest risk.

In doing so, you demonstrate authority and stay top of mind, to gain more business …. and command higher pricing.

Technology Companies Wanting To Get Noticed, Get Launched, Stand Out

Launch your product and message with an online educational series that illustrates the transformation that your product or service provides …..and how you are different.

Showcase ecosystem partnerships, apps and solutions that get your customer to market sooner, with lower hassle and risk,

Drive your target audience into conversations,  online sales funnel and beta programs

WHY  Does It Work ?

“SELLING WITHOUT SELLING”  shifts sales focus from the discomfort of pitching features and services to the joy of helping and serving customers.

How?  By SOLVING A PROBLEM that the customer cares about.  By delivering “free value in advance” … in the form of a short, automated teaching sequence …  A sequence designed to deliver incredible value.

By showing them that you have more than just a product. Instead, you have an ecosystem that will make them succeed.

The customer gets a quick win … and wants more.

You establish commitment, authority, reciprocity and trust.

The result?  A transformed, more lucrative sales cycle.

About Me

My name is Angela Sutton.  For over 20 years, I managed hardware and software businesses in Silicon Valley.

Have you ever paid premium pricing for something that you really wanted and then bought more ?

…  Even when alternatives were available for less … or free?

People do this all the time and there’s a good reason. 

You see, I ran an 8-figure software business that competed successfully with FREE products.

It was painful at first. 

The competition to my software would try to match me on features.-  One large company started to compete with me, giving their software away for FREE with the hardware that they sold.   

Another competitor bundled their competing software with the other software that they sold, creating an attractively-priced deal.

But what I realized was that trust and getting the job done on time,  was what customers needed the  most.

I needed to show that I could lower the customer’s risk. I had to demonstrate how I made customers like them more competitive. 

So I would outflank and outsell the free and bundled products by “niching down”… That is train and show customers how to solve the one specific problem that mattered the most to them … to their niche …  in their words… Very specifically.

I went on to create and market an ecosystem, not a product.  An ecosystem around my product that made my customers more competitive in their niche.

… and made them want to stick with my products over time.

The result?  The solution gave them value and made them successful.  They became invested in my products.

I did the same thing for a hardware chip-set business that I managed.

What I realized was that the difference between life and death for my customers was schedule risk…. The need to get their own products that were built from mine, up and running and on retail shelves in time for Christmas sales. 

So I stacked an ecosystem of enabling technologies around my chip-set.  An ecosystem that got the customer to market in half the time.

Instead of pitching chip hardware features, I focused on how the complete ecosystem helped  customers  just like them … Helped them get their specific product to market on time.

The result?

I lowered the risk.  And painted an opportunity for my customer – My solution differentiated my customer. 

Customers could visualize their own path to success … before they purchased.

And this strong belief and commitment drove their purchase.

So if you ever doubted that you could get customers to pay a premium …   Now you know that you can.

This trust-building approach that addresses the very specific needs of each niche that you serve, coupled with stacking of value (ecosystems),  is what “selling without selling” is all about. 

It changes customers’ beliefs. 

So that you can have a much simpler sales conversation .. in which you help the customer instead of pitching. 

And so that you retain existing customers in order to increase revenue.

Much of this approach can be automated … allowing you to streamline a sales channel … and monetize.

Do you ever wonder if there is a way to consistently surpass your sales numbers.?  Contact me to create your blueprint.

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